HYDRA Legendary Swim

9 km... with the legend!

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HYDRA Legendary Swim

The lake is inextricably linked to a legend, a creature that has lived in these depths for centuries, the Hydra… 

This 7-headed being will accompany you, guiding you through his abode. A long 9km route, where you can get lost in the green landscape, enjoying every pristine glimpse that only our lake can offer. A race of both physical and mental endurance, where it will be essential to manage all resources and stay focused on the only purpose: to complete it.

Here is our new race, simply all over the lake from north to south!



7:00 – 7:45
Meeting and accreditation of athletes with delivery of the splendid race pack.
Short briefing from our staff, always available for any questions.
Departure of the athletes on the boat towards the beach of Ponte Caffaro, where the race will start.
Race start.
Upon arrival, the athletes will receive the finisher medal. In the competition field area there will be the possibility of having lunch for free for the athletes, thanks to the meal voucher in the race package.
The awards ceremony will follow.


The only buoys that will be found along the course are to keep the athletes on the western shore of the lake. For the rest, "HYDRA Legendary Swim" was conceived as a crossing where the lake itself indicates the direction to follow. 
At the start the athletes will therefore immediately go to find the first buoy which will make them adhere to the west bank.
From here they will continue following each inlet, up to Anfo, where there will be the refreshment point (approximately at km 5.5). 
We will then continue up to Crone beach where, keeping the last buoy on the left, we will cross the lake to the east bank, finally finding the finish area!


Base camp location:
Parco di Crone,  Via Lungo Lago Vittoria – Idro (BS)
Date:  Domenica 16 Giugno 2024
Path length: 9 km
Start time: 9:00

Path description: 
During the race the west bank will always be held. 
Each buoy along the course must be left to your left.
The refreshment point is located about halfway through.


During registration for the event, in addition to personal data, valid medical certificates will also be requested.
Click here for download the release form signed by the parents, which must be sent in the case of a minor athlete.
All the specific information can be found in the Regulations.
Note: For groups, we remind you that the certificates must be uploaded to the site in a single file in zip format, or in a single PDF file.
Registration for this race is open only to athletes who are at least 16 years old.
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