Race Regulation


Il Miglio Idroswim is a non-competitive sporting event in which the travel times of the participants will be recorded via chips in order to draw up a final ranking and the first winners in each category will be awarded.

The event will take place over 3 distances:
SPRINT” (926m), open to those aged 10 and older;
CLASSIC” (1852m), open to those aged 16 and older.
DOUBLE” (3704m), open to those aged 16 and older.

The timing of the race is entirely managed by the company EvoData Srl, which will publish the results on the ENDU website.
Inside the race pack, the athletes will find a chip to apply to the ankle.
Applying this chip is mandatory, under penalty of exclusion from the ranking. Those who lose buoy and/or chips are required to recover them, it will be the support boats to help the competitors in the recovery. Those who arrive at the finish without a safety mark or without a chip will be considered extraneous to the event. 
At the end of the race, the athletes will have to hand over the chip to the staff, otherwise they will have to pay a penalty of €15.

Medical Certification
SPRINT and CLASSIC: For adults, given the non-competitive nature of the event, will be considered valid the medical certificate with the words "non-competitive sporting activity" corresponding, in form and content, to the model provided for in the ministerial regulations in force, which can be downloaded at the following link.

The participation of minors (under 18 years of age) is permitted if they comply with the M EDICAL-COMPETITIVE certification. with specific SWIMMING or TRIATHLONor with the certification FOR HIGH CARDIO-VASCULAR ACTIVITIES downloadable at the following link.

DOUBLEThe participation of any athlete is permitted if in compliance with the M EDICAL-COMPETITIVE certification. with specific SWIMMING or TRIATHLONor with the certification FOR HIGH CARDIO-VASCULAR ACTIVITIES downloadable at the following link.

For minor athletes, consent is required by placing the parents' signatures on our form.

For foreign athletes the doctor must complete the form at the following link.

The Organization reserves the right to suspend the event in the event of bad weather conditions or for reasons which, in its sole discretion, cannot guarantee safety conditions. If the event is canceled due to causes of force majeure, not dependent on the organization, the registration fee will not be refunded and the race package will remain the property of the competitor.

 Under no circumstances will the registration fee be refunded.

"SPRINT" maximum race travel time: 40 minutes.
"CLASSIC" maximum race travel time: 60 minutes.
"DOUBLE" maximum race travel time: 110 minutes.
After this deadline, the athletes still in the water will be recovered by the organization's vehicles

 The management reserves the right to close registrations once the maximum number is reached, with the possibility of modification at the discretion of the organization.

All participants must present themselves for accreditation with an identity document.

The organization reserves the right to evaluate requests for participation in the "CLASSIC" and "DOUBLE" distances to athletes under 16 years of age.

The race kit will be given to all participants in memory of the event.

The organization, at its discretion, will decide whether or not to use a wetsuit based on the water temperature conditions, if lower than 18 degrees or higher than 24 degrees. Within this range the use of neoprene wetsuits is permitted at the athlete's discretion.

The route will be marked by large buoys.

-->It is mandatory to complete and sign the registration form, which entails having read and accepted this regulation in full.


Registrations will close at the end of 07/17/2024 or upon reaching the maximum number of athletes, in these quantities:
 – SPRINT:  60 athletes maximum
 – CLASSIC:  240 athletes maximum
 – DOUBLE:  100 athletes maximum

They can be carried out by following the instructions and filling out the form in the appropriate section of the site. Registration can only be considered completed by attaching a copy of the payment and medical certificate valid on the day of the event.

EMAIL della segreteria gara A CUI FARE SEMPRE RIFERIMENTO PER QUALSIASI RICHIESTA riguardante le iscrizioni:  

The registration prices are: 
– until 21 june 2024:
   30.00 € for “SPRINT”
   36.00 € for “CLASSIC”
   43.00 € for "DOUBLE"

- from 22 june 2024 until 17 july 2024:
   33.00 € for “SPRINT”
   39.00 € for “CLASSIC”
   48.00 € for "DOUBLE"


DISCLAIMER AND PRIVACY The athlete declares under his own responsibility, to be in good health, to be a skilled swimmer and to be physically fit to participate in the swimming event called Il Miglio Idroswim. By registering for the race, the athlete guarantees that all information and data provided in the registration form are true and that the medical certificate delivered (in electronic and / or paper format) is authentic and compliant with the regulation. It also guarantees that it has read, understood and accepted the regulation in all its parts. Following acceptance of the following regulation, the athlete relieves the organizers of the event from any civil and criminal liability for any material, physical, moral, direct or indirect damage that may arise from any accidents before, during and after the event. It also relieves the organizers of any liability related to theft and / or damage to personal items. He also declares that he undertakes to behave in accordance with the principles of fairness and sports loyalty before, during and after the event. It also undertakes to avoid any behavior that could endanger one's own or others' safety. Following the acceptance of the following regulation, the athlete undertakes to comply with every provision that will be provided to him by the staff in charge on and off the water, even in the event of a request for abandonment. It acknowledges that, in case of renouncement to the event, the registration fee will not be refunded and that the organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants and / or to exclude one or more participants from the event. The organization reserves the right to suspend and / or modify the times and rules of the event at its sole discretion, also in order to guarantee safety. In case of non-performance, the amount paid as registration fee will not be returned. By accepting this document, the athlete also authorizes the use of personal data, pursuant to art. 13 and 23 Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 and subsequent amendments. It also authorizes the use for advertising and / or promotional purposes of my and / or my son / daughter's filmed and photographic images, created during the event, renouncing as of now any claim, even of an economic nature, in this regard . The authorization is also extended to the publication of your name (and some information provided during registration) on the documents available on the site regarding all the lists, for example "registered" or "Rankings". For underage swimmers: In the previous declaration, in the case of an underage swimmer, "athlete" is to be understood as "the swimmer and his / her parents or owners of parental authority". By registering for the race, the parent (or operator of parental authority) of the minor assumes full responsibility for the participation in the event of his / her child. By registering for the race, the parent (or parental authority operator) assumes full responsibility that at least one parent (or parental authority operator) remains in the departure / arrival area, until the minor is engaged in the event. In registering for the event, the athlete accepts what is stated in the regulation and on all forms related to it.

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